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PayPal Donation
MOD Version: 1.1  
Forum Version: 3.4.07
Author: Carefree
Uploaded: 3/24/2013 11:12:32 AM
Votes: 0
Download Count: 569
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All variables are configured from an admin page. A value of "0" for the amount will allow the donor to set any desired amount. Country selection will automatically set the currency to match. EMail address is validated for format only.

v1.1 Added a "thank you" page, a table to track donations, a table view of donations from the admin page. If donations are made in more than one currency (e.g., the admin changes the default country at some point), links are automatically created to convert the donation to the new currency. Also added the ability to include a comment/remark/explanation (limit 255 characters) from the admin page. If used, the comment will appear above the donation button.

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