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Email Search 3406
MOD Version: 1.44  
Forum Version: 3.4.06
Author: Carefree
Uploaded: 7/5/2008 11:21:48 AM
Votes: 0
Download Count: 798
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Enables administrators to search EMail addresses for substrings (any portion of the address, i.e., all hotmail or anyone with the word sex). The results can be further refined by limiting output to new members, to today's visitors, etc.

Rev 1.1 Updated file to fix some links.

Rev 1.2 Replaced IP addresses with EMail addresses in default display.

Rev 1.3 Upon request, put last connected IP back in, following EMail address. IP search engine updated since ARIN & Blackcode don't work.

Since the new IP Search company apparently didn't search outside the USA, they've been replaced too.

Rewrote sorting and filtering routines to enable ascending/descending sorting, etc.

1.41: Fixed an issue with drop-down page menu.

1.42: Corrected the drop-down variable to make sorting functional.

1.43: Fixed a reserved character in MySQL issue, edited some variables, changed font for continuity.

1.44: Converted PMs to conditional clause.
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