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 MODsWebSnapr   Add A File To WebSnapr

MOD Version: 1.0  
Forum Version: 3.4.06
Author: musishun00
Uploaded: 12/12/2007 11:30:22 AM
Votes: 1
Download Count: 703
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This MOD adds a [websnapr][/websnapr] tag to the forumcode. This allows users to show thumbnails of links in their posts.

Note: You must sign up for a free websnapr developer key at their website to use this MOD.
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WebSnapr Addon's
MOD Version: 1.0  
Forum Version: 3.4.06
Author: Cobia
Uploaded: 10/13/2008 12:00:14 AM
Votes: 0
Download Count: 646
Download Now
This is an addon to allow the user easier use of the features of websnapr. This addon puts a button on the reply response window.

The button will show up on the same line as the format buttons. Click on the button to insert the [websnapr] [/websnapr] code in the reply screen.
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