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 MODsWarn Members Mod 2.00   Add A File To Warn Members Mod 2.00

Warn Members Mod 2.00
MOD Version: 2.00  
Forum Version: 3.3.05
Author: modifichicci
Uploaded: 7/15/2006 11:35:58 AM
Votes: 0
Download Count: 941
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Set and implemented by Modifichicci

Support on



This mod is derived from Crash Award Members and Crash Warn Members Mods
As these mods are old and created for an old version of snitz forum and with some errors for MySql, I have adapted them to create a new Warn Members Mod working on all snitz in access and MySql.
New features:
1) Admin section from admin home
2) Mod set on /off from Config Features
3) Capability to set warning from topic of the member to be warned
4) If a warn is set,, in topics of meber warned there is the Warn Remove icon. This is view only by admin and moderators.
5) In topics, under the members data will be shown an icon and the word Warning: clikking on icon show the warning message. This is visible by all members
6) A mail is sent to warned members when a warn is set and when a warn is removed.

New add for cdosys mail, can send mail with html formatting if present in message.
New add for cdonts
4 july 2006

Instructions in text file.
File to be edited:


Difficulty (1 _10) = 2

Italian Version available on

Image Portal Version available in Download section of
(registration required)

or in Image Forum:

Zip updated 15 july 2006
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