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E-mail Once For Topic Subscriptions
MOD Version: 1.0a  
Forum Version: 3.4
Author: SiSL
Uploaded: 10/24/2005 10:24:43 PM
Votes: 0
Download Count: 947
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This mod is designed for administrators with large user database fields and wishing to use topic subscriptions but don't want massive emailing with each post to topic. This mini mod prevents forum to send emails with each reply to same subscriber over and over if user did not logged in since last subscription email for the topic-in-question is sent. After user has logged in and timer naturally resets and new emails are sent if new replies has been posted therefore preventing massive emails for users who have posted once to topic and never rechecked replies.


- Changed it so that only Reply subscriptions affected (even user subscribed to Forum / Category or Boards Subscriptions)

- Added missing function call to write last emailed date.
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