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 MODsAlternate post icons   Add A File To Alternate post icons

Alternate post icons
MOD Version: 1.0  
Forum Version: 3.4
Author: MarcelG
Uploaded: 7/7/2005 6:56:23 AM
Votes: 1
Download Count: 1777
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I've created some new icons to be used for the post box (e.g. the page you see when posting a message).

Here's a screenshot.

All icons are 25 by 24 pixels wide, and are derived from several WYSIWYG editors around.
Installation instructions;
  • Copy them to your images folder
  • Change your inc_iconfiles.asp file to use these icons instead of the old ones.
    Const strIconEditorBigCharacter = "ox_bigchar.gif|25|24"
    Const strIconEditorBold = "ox_bold.gif|25|24"
    Const strIconEditorCenter = "ox_center.gif|25|24"
    Const strIconEditorCode = "ox_code.gif|25|24"
    Const strIconEditorEmail = "ox_mail.gif|25|24"
    Const strIconEditorFlash = "ox_flash.gif|25|24"
    Const strIconEditorHighlight = "ox_highlight.gif|25|24"
    Const strIconEditorHR = "ox_hr.gif|25|24"
    Const strIconEditorLeft = "ox_left.gif|25|24"
    Const strIconEditorImage = "ox_image.gif|25|24"
    Const strIconEditorItalicize = "ox_italic.gif|25|24"
    Const strIconEditorList = "ox_list.gif|25|24"
    Const strIconEditorMarquee = "ox_marquee.gif|25|24"
    Const strIconEditorPre = "ox_pre.gif|25|24"
    Const strIconEditorQuote = "ox_quote.gif|25|24"
    Const strIconEditorRight = "ox_right.gif|25|24"
    Const strIconEditorSpell = "ox_spellcheck.gif|25|24"
    Const strIconEditorStrike = "ox_strikethrough.gif|25|24"
    Const strIconEditorSub = "ox_sub.gif|25|24"
    Const strIconEditorSup = "ox_sup.gif|25|24"
    Const strIconEditorTeletype = "ox_tt.gif|25|24"
    Const strIconEditorUnderline = "ox_underline.gif|25|24"
    Const strIconEditorUrl = "ox_url.gif|25|24"
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