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Ben's Attachment Mod
MOD Version: 1.1.2 beta  
Forum Version: 3.3.04
Author: guest
Uploaded: 11/24/2004 9:09:35 AM
Download Count: 1113
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Ben's Attachment Mod
Version 1.1.2 beta
By Ben Hirashima <>
Last Updated: 1/24/03

This Snitz mod implements file attachments. It was made to work with Snitz 3.4.03. It was tested with SQL Server 2000, but should work with older versions of SQL Server and MSDE. I didn't modify any of the MySQL specific code, but if you wanted to fool with it, you could probably make it work with MySQL too.

- Allows you to attach files to posts (duh)
- No popup windows
- Displays image attachments inline
- Attachments are separate from the message text
- Allows update/delete of attachment when editing a post
- Attachments are deleted from filesystem when you delete a reply, topic, or entire forum
- One table added to database, no existing tables modified
- Allows you to specify what file extensions are allowed, and the max file size

- Free ASPSmartUpload component must be installed on the server.
- SQL Server, MSDE, or Access database

please note that the author DON't want to be contacted for support,for any questions please goto:
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