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Tree Navigation Mod
MOD Version: 1.0  
Forum Version: 3.4.04
Author: Soar
Uploaded: 8/6/2004 11:41:07 AM
Votes: 2
Download Count: 972
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This Mod adds the tree navigation found at the upper left of a topic page to the bottom of the page, allowing users to quickly jump to a new topic in the same forum, or to quickly "climb the folder" tree to navigate your board. A copy of the edited file is also included, but please use it only if you have not modified the topic.asp file with another mod, or you will lose any prior modifications.

No database modifications, and only a single file to edit. Not the most earth-shattering of mods, but my users like it. Also, it's my first mod, and I'm a "shadetree" ASP programmer, so any improvements would be welcome.
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