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Policy / Register Looping Fix
MOD Version: 1.0  
Forum Version: 3.4
Author: Panhandler
Uploaded: 1/5/2004 10:01:55 PM
Votes: 2
Download Count: 1324
Download Now
4/5/05 - Please use the "Reffer Mod" by Davio found here:
It is written by an experienced pro to address the looping problem and works well.

Users with Norton Internet Security installed cannot register on Snitz Forums. Instead, they get looped back to the top of the Policy page when they hit the "Agree" button.
This is a defect of NIS which can be defeated with this mod. The zip file has the three files already modified, saving you the work. The modifications are clearly spelled out within the file. You simply upload them to your forum directory and its done.
Works with version 3.4.03
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