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Snitz CSS
MOD Version: 1  
Forum Version: 3.4
Author: robbear7
Uploaded: 11/26/2003 8:00:16 AM
Votes: 0
Download Count: 1800
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There are actually 2 versions of Snitz CSS. They are both included in one download.

1. Snitz CSS with Serevinus's Style Changer MOD

This version includes an updated color control panel that writes to a dynamic style sheet, which in turns styles the forum. There are more options available then the standard Snitz color panel. You can set specific background images on any and all portions of the forum, and specify the background image to tile, repeat across, repeat down, or no repeat.

You can also style the form elements through the color control panel.

You can create your own forum themes for your visitors to choose from. Each theme can be set to look in a specific directory for images.

You can import/export themes easily.

The database is already created and the default username/password is admin/admin. You will NEED to change this immediately.

As a note, all MODS should work well with this version, there should be no compatibility problems with MODS and the colors etc. The key word is 'Should'.

Important: this version is NOT compatible with Brinkster accounts. This is because of the dynamic style sheet used. If you are on a brinkster account, consider the version listed below.

2. Snitz CSS with no dynamic control panel

This version is a more simple version. You cannot set themes. This is simply the same CSS converted Snitz Forum using an external style sheet. The style sheet is fully commented to help you edit the colors.

Unfortunately, the default colors control panel still exists, but will have no effect on your forum. Just simply leave the fields blank and it will be just fine. If you plan on installing MODS, you can input the same colors to match the CSS colors.

Installation will be standard Snitz installation. You will need to run setup.asp, etc.

To read more about these MODs please visit
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