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Signature Image Manager
MOD Version: 1.2  
Forum Version: 3.4
Author: CarKnee
Uploaded: 1/13/2004 7:46:27 AM
Votes: 1
Download Count: 1381
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This mod was created to keep track of images in members signatures.

When run it will display a list of all members who have an image in their signature.

By clicking on the members name on the admin_SigImage.asp page you will be able to modify their signature to remove the image if needed.

Tested with Snitz 3.4.03 & SQL Server 2000

Ver 1.1 - You can now select members to replace their images with text.
*You can now choose a specific image to remove if the member has multiple images
*Regular Expression pattern was updated to work with [img=left], [img=right] tags
*Formatting fixes
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