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Antispam Registration Add-On
MOD Version: 1.0  
Forum Version: 3.3.04
Author: rgrund
Uploaded: 7/23/2003 6:24:05 AM
Votes: 5
Download Count: 3790
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If you have already downloaded the version before, I have made new number images. The look better and are easier to read!
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MOD Version: 1  
Forum Version: 3.3.04
Author: rgrund
Uploaded: 7/23/2003 6:22:40 AM
Votes: 5
Download Count: 3723
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MOD Definition: Add-On ANti-Spam Registration
Version: 1
Date of Release: 18/7/2003
Author: Robert Grund
Snitz Username: Rgrund
Installation Grade (1=easy and 10 Hard): 3
Demoversion: Not yet available

This add-on for the registration procedure enable the following:

To prevent mass registration programs from registering accounts, one has to enter the 6 digit code shown in image format. This format can not be read by machines and only handled by human beings.
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Antispam Registration Add-On Addon's
MOD Version: 2.1  
Forum Version: 3.4.06
Author: Carefree
Uploaded: 2/17/2009 6:54:05 PM
Votes: 0
Download Count: 1278
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The Antispam Registration MOD allows administrators (and moderators if you choose) to add email servers to a list of systems which you have banned because they are used by spammers. More than 100 known spam servers are included in the mod.

Support is available at:

Fixed a small error in the database file.

1.2: Fixed a table title in the dbs setup.
2.0: Fixed sql retrieval routine & added field.
2.1: Added check within header pages to preclude bot connections.
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