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Forum Counter (Site Statistic)
MOD Version: 1.1  
Forum Version: 3.4
Author: rgrund
Uploaded: 1/18/2003 1:52:10 AM
Votes: 2
Download Count: 3424
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Now for database: ACCESS & MySQL (SqlServer not tested)

This mod gives you the following counters which can each be turned off or on.

1. Pages viewed today
2. Pages viewed for the current month
3. pages viewed for the current year
4. Total pages viewed
5. Visitors today
6. Visitors for the current month
7. Visitors for the current year
8. Total visitors
9. Yesterdays page views (UPDATE)
10. Yestersays Visitors (UPDATE)

in the admin section i have added a new page where one is able to turn these counters on or off.

Further in the admin section you can also adjust the counter
1. Total pages viewed and
2. Total visitors

I have added two storage option:
a. Access
b. TXT file

In the Admin Section you also have the chance to view statistical bar charts. These are growing in size and in bars dynamically.

The table is a simple code to add any where you want or in the footer of the forum. See the readme.txt

run the example sitestat.asp and you will get an impression on how it looks like.

If you have any questions, please use the following link:
 Write A Review  |  Read Reviews  |  Report Error/Update

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