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Registration emails not being sent posted by Davio  
I have been getting emails from Yahoo and Hotmail/MSN/Windows Live postmasters saying they are rejecting emails from my email address, due to spam activity.

Unfortunately this is largely out of my hands as spammers have started to use my email address to send their spam.

So those of you registering with yahoo or hotmail addresses won't be getting the registration email.

Reply to post | 2 reply(s) |  View Replies ] to support 3.4.07 posted by Davio  
The latest version of the Snitz Forums has been released. will be supporting the new version in the coming days, but in the mean time, you can add version 3.4.07 to your mod titles and also in the description, so members can see it is compatible with the latest version.

UPDATE: SnitzBitz now supports version 3.4.07 mods. If there are any problems, please let us know in the forums.

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Why is my mod still waiting for approval? posted by Davio  
Some of you might see your mod waiting for approval when you upload it to SnitzBitz. We will do a our best to get around to approving them a little quicker than before.

In the mean time, while your mod is waiting to be approved, it can only be downloaded by registered members of the site. So keep this in mind.

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